Eco Friendly Reusable Practicool White Washable Bamboo Kitchen Towels with Chrome Holder

VERSITILE: Our reusable bamboo kitchen towels are great for many situations, including small spills, floor spills, dusting, mirror cleaning, car cleaning, and more. ECO FRIENDLY: Our reusable towels replace traditional paper towels. Each Towel can be used 85-100 times on average, and there are 30 towels, for up to 3000 uses. Our towels are also machine washable. SUPER ABSORBENT AND ULTRA STRONG: Our bamboo towels can absorb up to 10 times more than a traditional paper towel. The towels stay strong and sturdy even after they are wet. Each time they are washed, they become softer and more absorbent. SAVE MONEY: Since each towel can be used many times, and for so many different things, you will ultimately save a lot of money over buying traditional paper towels. BONUS CHROME HOLDER: Our included chrome holder is a convenient way to store and use our bamboo towels, and it looks great in any kitchen.
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Each towel can be washed and reused 85-100 times Replaces approximately 85-100 rolls of regular paper towels saving you hundreds of dollars a year! Use them in the kitchen for spills, on floors and with your flat head sweeper mop. Also, our towels are great for cleaning the bathroom, dusting, streak free mirrors, on stainless steel, cleaning in your car, or anywhere that you need to clean a mess. Our heavy-duty bamboo towels are made of a sustainable renewable bamboo fibre.

  • One roll replaces 85 - 100 regular paper towel rolls and comes with its own bonus Chrome towel dispenser
  • The 28x30cm perforated tear off sheets are reusable and machine washable. Use, Wash, and Reuse 85-100 times before discarding.
  • Save Trees while saving money with our eco-friendly sustainable alternative.
  • Machine washable, bleach, lint free, durable, versatile, eco friendly
  • Reusable bamboo towels are an innovative product for home cleaning and for your budget. One roll of these amazing towels will replace 85 – 100 rolls of paper towels. With deforestation happening at a rapid pace, minimizing the use of paper towels is a step in the right direction. Practicool® bamboo paper towels are made from bamboo fibre which is much more absorbent, stays strong when wet and stronger than regular paper towel products. Once you have cleaned up the mess, rinse it out and use again or place it into the laundry and machine wash it, dry and then reuse. Washing makes it softer and even more absorbent.
  • Each sheet can be washed 85 to 100 times. Each roll of 30 sheets replaces approximately 85-100 rolls of regular paper towels saving you hundreds of dollars a year!
  • Guaranteed to be the best time and money saving household item you will buy. If you are not satisfied, we will refund your money no questions asked.